Physical Therapy: 

To address the illness, or injuries that limit a person's abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lived; to combat overworked movement due to demands of everyday activities. 

If you noted "yes" to any of the above then come book your initial consult with Tyner Physical Therapy

Dr. Tyner will listen to your story, learn about your symptoms and perform and extensive evaluation on your first visit. The evaluation is about 60 minutes; involving a thorough assessment of your medical history, an in depth assessment of your posture, joint health, soft tissue mobility, biomechanics, and movement patterns. 

Sessions will consist of manual therapy, corrective exercises, mobility drills and skills. 


Tyner Physical Therapy

  • One on one care
  • Consistent care
  • Constant monitoring
  • Individualized Plan
  • Full hour evaluations to determine true impairment 

                                        Other Practices

  • Multiple treatment sessions at a time
  • Different PT or aide each visit
  • Tossed around from PT to support staff
  • Generalized Approach
  • Rushed evaluations, limiting ability to find the underlying impairment


Monday-Friday: 7AM-7PM


Tyner Physical Therapy, PLLC. 5 Harrison St. NY, NY 10013. 212-281-6412

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