Tyner Physical Therapy is dedicated to finding the cause of your pain and helping you meet your goals. Dr. Tyner will work with you to develop an integrated, individualized treatment plan; under direct and consistent supervision, Dr. Tyner will prescribe tailored exercises and personally oversee your workouts to get you back to full function.

Throughout your care at Tyner Physical Therapy treatment is strictly one on one and hands on for 45-60 minutes. That is more one-on-one time than industry standards!


If you are tired of sharing your physical therapy visits with other patients, or tired of personal trainers causing you injuries call 212-281-6412 or email, TynerPT@gmail.com now to set up an appointment! Any facility can tell you how to do your exercises but at Tyner Physical we show you how to do your exercises.

After an excruciating leg surgery, Meg helped me develop the strength and motivation I needed at each stage of my recovery. I choose to work with Meg because she is incredibly attentive and thoughtful, and she is dedicated to helping her patients get back to full function. Our one-on-one sessions leave me feeling strong and give me the confidence to get back to my normal life post-surgery. From the muscle massages to the targeted strength training, Meg has transformed my body. She is incredibly knowledgeable about every bone and muscle, about surgeries, and how to get back to optimal health. Sessions with Meg will get you feeling back to normal!
— Sophia
Meg was instrumental in turning around my recovery from a serious knee surgery, after my progress was initially very poor. She mixes excellent clinical knowledge with a creative tailored approach and is an excellent motivator (especially of those who do not like being told what to do). I can’t speak highly enough of her professionally or personally.
— Neil
I started working with Meg after suffering from a frozen shoulder for 6 months. Her combination of therapy and strength training gave me a huge increase of range of motion and pain has decreased tremendously. I am now able to sleep pain free.
— Bob
I have noticed a big difference since I started one-on-one sessions with Meg. She will customize the sessions to your needs and mixes it up so that it’s never boring. I definitely feel like I’ve made much better progress with my shoulder in just a few sessions compared to multiple sessions at a bigger facility.
— Camilla
I made it and climbed more than I ever have in my life! So thank you to both you and gene, looking forward to getting even stronger in 2017.
— Taleah


Monday: 7AM-7PM

Tuesday: 7AM-7PM

Wednesday: 7AM-12PM

Thursday: 7AM-7PM

Friday: 7AM-10AM


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